0 Random Pokemon Card: Golem Skyridge

Skyridge was a great set in Pokemon cards, and it was Wizards Of The Coasts last before Nintendo to over the card making duties. As this Golem was from the Skyridge set, you may find him (or her??) a little tricky to get hold of, as the set was not so easy to find on release, many of the cards from it are pretty rare now. I haven't seen Golem Skyridge sell for less then £35 for sometime now on eBay, so if you are looking to buy the card, you may like to look on eBay and other places to see what prices you can find. But I'm guessing most sellers will be offering near the £30+ price mark. Likely to be a little more for the holo version. I really like the cards artwork on both the non-holo and holo card, the artists on the Pokemon TCG do a great job, hear they have created a striking Golem pic, as he stands next to a rock looking into the distance. A very thoughtfull looking Pokemon art entry I think, in non-holo it looks like a nice painting and then has the sparkels over in the cards holo version. If you'd like to take a look at the card from a gameplay perspective, head to the post on this Golem on Blogged On TV or click this lick for the post directly:

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Trading Cards Collections
If your a fan of trading cards, perhaps you collect a varity of franchises, or maybe certain ones, then you may like to look out for our upcoming trading card sales on eBay. the cards will be  a range of more mainstream tittles in TCG including; Magic The Gathering, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragonball Z
, their will also be football and other sporting cards too. Then their will be some more less well know, perhaps you might say obscure, franchises for any that are like me and like to collect these too. As well as the gaming cards, their will be non-gaming sets too, for example cards sets for mivies and cult TV shows, that kind of thing.Their will also be trading card acesseries too, head over to the shop on eBay to see what's currently in stock:
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0 Pocket World (Formerly Pokemon World)

This is the new magazine from the makers of Pokemon World that's been going for a few issues now. Pokemon World ran for over 100 issues, it had a great run. It was decided that Pokemon World would expand to containg more monster related franchise content, but would still include plenty of Pokemon and Pocket World was born. With Pocket World you can expect the populer reguler features that Pokemon World had, just now they will be open to over monster franchises So theirs still the likes of Ask Proffesor Yew and the design a monster section that reguler Pokemon World readers will know. Now the magazine features articles on YuGi Oh!, Moshi Monsters and Bakuyugan to name some, with the reguler features now being about these franchises too. The mags still packed with free gifts like Pokemon World was, things like sweets, stationary, books and trading cards. I think that giveing a book sample is a good idea, something the previous magazine did, readers may well discover a book that they like from these and choose to get the whole book (as I'm sure the publishers would like). I liked the books that Pokemon,World themselves added to the mag that were often about the Pokemon cards or video games. The books about Pokemon have continued along with the other franchises it now covers. The articles of the mag it's self are well laid out and clear, works nicely with the mags colourfull and fun template.
Perhaps the magazine makers may still release Pokemon specials every so often too, as that is such a big monster franchise. All in all a good magazine that is written in a way fans can get information on the brands it features in an informative and intreasting style, in the way Pokemon World did previously.
The new URL for the mag is: http://www.pocket-world.co.uk/
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0 Ben 10's Trading Card Game

Ben 10 is a great cartoon and I would say one of Cartoon Networks best. If you don't know the show, to summerise a boy called Ben (not me) gains the ability to change into 10 aliens. So how does it transform into a CCG? Well let's see. The game is by Bandai and was launched in 2008. To play you need 40 cards to create a full deck. Their are booster packs to build decks up, plus the starter packs to give you a 40 card deck and teach you how to play the game. You can play as various human characters from the cartoon, intreastingly the good guys as well as the bad, so if you like you can construct decks based around these two sets of characters.My opinion of trading card games that run with this kind of format Ben 10 has (I'll explain how the gameplay works in upcomming posts) is that it's an ideal game to start with for those new to trading card games, with it's basic rule set that allows for fun battles with your opponeont. Also if your after some quick to set up and fast play rounds, this will fit the bill. Below is a video showing me with a a quick unboxing for one of the starter packs that you can purchase and a look at the game.

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0 Japanese Snack Website Review: asian Snacktime

I'm a big fan of Japanese snacks and I have been trying out various websites that sell some of  the large variety of Japanese Snacks that are available.
I thought I'd tell you about them and my experiences with the companies. Oh, and if you haven't tried any Japanese snacks then I recommend that you do-they do some truly, delicious food. Not to mention very unique food of the kind you can not get like here in the UK, or in other countries.

First up it's a website called asian Snacktime.

You'll find them at www.asiansnacktime.com

This was one of the first websites I used for buying Japanese snacks online and defiantly one of my favourite.
When you load this website your greeted with a nice bright orange background and a great character mascot. If you take a look around the website you can see each category of food neatly arranged and each category has a good selection of food products. The shop is often added with new products and as well as a photo to show what the snacks look like their is a handy food description on many of the products, plus info on the products like the weight.

The nice card those brilliant people at asian snacktime sends you with each purchase.

What I also really like about this website is that whenever you order from them you get sent free samples of their products they sell,
a great way to be able to try their other products and nice to get a freebie. What's more, if you are a returning customer then your free sample stash will be even bigger-nice idea for sure. The price for the snacks is perhaps the online average, though you may find some items cheapest here. Delivery cost will vary,depending on where you live and prices are in dollers (you can use an app or website to convert dollers to another currancey should you need to). Packaging from websites that sell food I think is important to help keep the food in good condition and asian snacktime does not disappoint They package their food brilliantly, all well wraped up in their box, with a seperate wraped bag for the free samples. This is a great website for buying asian snacks. They have a wide range of snacks on offer including one of my favorite Asian snacks: Calbee Shrimp Chips (Baked). These are chips (or crisps as they are known in the UK) with added shrimp flavour and are very tasty. I can't find them on any other website, so thank you Asian snacktime for stocking this example of snack deliciousness.

 I'll upload a video showing my next order so you can see some of their service and great food in more detail but for now here's the website

The next review will be for Jlist, a website that sells a range of Japanese items but for the review we will focus on the fThe next review will be for Jlist, a website that sells a range of Japanese items but for the review we will focus on the food aspect of the online store.

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0 Asian Snack's Online Review-Jlist

Jlst sell a wide range of Asian products, including toys and magazines. They also do a great range of Japanese Snacks. Below is a video of my order and after is a.review for the snacks. Jlist dispatch time is very fast, often just a day or so aftet you have ordered and delivery prices are good, up their with the most simmerler online Asian food sites. What scores JList extra points for me is, well their own points system. You.see, everytime you buy from JList, you get points (each product will tell you how many points it's worth) and with these points you can then get a discount depending on how many points you have, or if you prefer you can save up your points untill you have a highet amoumt for a larger discount. Sometimes JList will have offets.where buying products will give you more points then usual, double for example, so look out for those. The website is well set out, it has clear sections.for acvount information. When it comes to looking at their snacks, you'll see some nice details offering you more product information to help explain the item. All in all, a supurb website for buying snacks that offers a wide range of snacks.to buy with very good customer service.

These are octopus flavoured and have a great taste. Their main taste is the yummy sauce with a little spice (not very hot) that the snacks are coated in,which is very tasty and their texture is like that of the maize crisps we can get here in the UK, but what is different is the octopus taste that comes through, it's sutle but it is their. Well I'm a big fan of these, I'll defintly want to be ordering more. Their very soft to crunch and a very good savoury snack.

These are made with real rose and are very refreshing , a light shell is on the outside, then  once you bite through you get a mix of a very light rose tang then the soft roseyness of the rest of the sweet. It's like a soft rose flavoured bon bon, ad the closest sweet in England comparision I could think of, but these are very unique, a great sweet.

From the pic, these may look like a carltoon of fries and that is what they really do look like, but if your having them for the first time you get a surprise when they are crunchier then fries. They have a very light salted taste and I think they are really, really nice. One of my favioute Japanese snacks I've tried so far. Their not to salty, their just right I think. They also come in a range of other flavours too, so I'll be looking out for them.  

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0 Redakai Preview

A post now on Redakai: Conquer The Kairu. This is one of the newer trading card games to hit the UK (it's been out for a liitle while elsewhere) and is looking like the makings of a great franchise. I'll take a look at Redakai in an upcoming video too and show you some cards and how they work as a game.
The game Redakai, which is from the makers of Bakugan, is a franchise that has already been creating a buzz after just launching here in the UK. At a first glance of Redakai the game may appear similar to other trading card games, but once you delve a little deeper you will find it has a unique slant on the trading card format-or you could call it a TPG: Trading Plastic Game, as they are actually plastic made, rather then card. Think like the Marvel Laminated series that came out a few years back. Their is a reason for this style apart from just the fact it looks cool, it adds to the gameplay to.
Their are two sets of rules, some basic sets and some more compicated ones for players wanting to play the more in depth version of the game. I'll go in more detail about these rules in a later post. In the game you have your Character cards, Attack cards and your Monster cards like the classic monster based trading card game style.But where the style of the game takes on a different look is in the animated look of the cards, Blast 3D as they call it. On the attack cards, you will have a 3D animation effect that will show your attack in movement. A scan in of the cards won't do full justice to this effect with it's animation, but in the video you should notice it, a nice effect the makers have used. More on Radakai soon.

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